Tuesday, April 5, 2016

1 Cross, 2 nails, 4 given (except it was actually 6 nails, but what you gonna do?)

Ok, hello world!! It's so good to talk to ya! Are yall there? Can you hear me amidst all the craziness going on and noise of celebration and whatever loud noises yall are making?

Ok, whew! This week! Has been so good. Ah I love being a missionary. Sometimes I forget, but I didnt' this week and I just really love it. Went on exchanges this week with a sister who is actually from St. George! Woo hoo! Represent. She was really cool. But they do this thing every Thursday where they take a class from one of their investigators, they call it yoga day. So he made us climb the rope. Which I did, pretty proud. Made it...pretty much to the top. But..unfortunately you have to wrap your leg around the rope to use for stability and so I did. But I got a super bad rope burn. I thought it would be fine but my leg has gotten swollen. It was starting to get infected but now it's ok. Sister Bird says it looks like I got bit by a zombie! So pretty sick :) besides the fact that it pretty much hurts a lot. But thass ok.

Oh yeah! Happy April errybody :) April fools I really wanted to do something but Sister Bird did not, cuz she feels super bad. But at the end of the day I talked her into it. So we pulled a prank on the sisters in our apartment. It was pretty good, we got one of the AP's to help us out. They were a little salty about it at first but then they were fine and it turned out to be really funny.

Hm...I don't know what else happened this week. Oh wait! Yes I do!...(drum roll) General Conference!!! Ah it was just the best thing ever. Pretty sure it was my favorite general conference of all time. And I don't say that every time so you know this is legit. The whole thing was just so good. It was really cool, because I really wanted to get something out of general conference so I prepared the best I could and set a goal to get revelation from each talk given. So by the end of the sessions I was just spiritually exhausted. But I learned so much! The choir was so on point. I loved when they sang Come Thou Fount at the end of the first session. It was so powerful and to see that they were really feeling the spirit too. First session was really powerful. I loved President Eyring's talk. And Elder Hollstroms.

It made me really sad the fact that we are seeing the book of Mormon unfold today in real life as people stray from the church and object during the sustaining of church officers. But it just brings such a strong testimony when we get to raise our arm to the square and sustain our prophet and apostles. And being that President Monson is getting weaker each time, the spirit was so strong when he spoke and you could feel the unity of the church as those sustaining him were praying for him and we could hear the message from our modern day prophet. I am so grateful for the knowledge of knowing that we have a prophet on the earth today and that Thomas S. Monson is that prophet.
I also loved President Uchtdorfs talk, and Elder Hale's and Elder Oaks and of course Elder Hollands. Man, weren't they all just so good? I hope you all got as much out of conference as I did. I hope the questions you had were answered. If they weren't go back and read the talks. Because God is aware of every single child. And He is aware of every single need and every thought and concern. So He inspired His leaders to answer your questions and help build your faith. I know that we received such great counsel and guidance during general conference. We just have to be willing to open our hearts to the things that were said.

Whoa, this is a long email. That hasn't happened in a while. Well I love you all so much! Congrats to Dressa and Jacob! Yall are crazy but I love ya! Hope you all have a great and blessed week!!!

Sister Johanson

Ali's new companion

Ali watching General Conference

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