Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MTC is bats!

Holy cow! Friends, I'm not sure exactly what to say to tell you all about my week here. All of you telling me the MTC is hard, well I think you are right.

My first day here was a breeze, I was just so excited and just in a state of awe like I didn't know what was going on. We didn't do a whole lot because we got here earlier than they ever do so they didn't really have a whole lot for us to do. It was a lot of getting to know you stuff. I don't even remember anymore...a week? Are you sure I've only been here a week?

The first night we slept in one building and it was really nice. But then we were told that there were bats in that building so we had to move all our stuff to a different building, which wasn't as nice and it's more crowded. But that's ok. Also, it was mission president training week so we were told it was the best week to be here but we didn't see any general authorities and 1M was closed all week so we just kinda had crappy food. Also the temple is closed so we don't get to go in while we're here either. But it's been a great week nonetheless.

My companion is Sister Yancey, she is crazy!! I love her lots and lots but we've had to help each other a lot this week. As you pray for me please keep her in your prayers as well. 

I absolutely love my district. We have another set of sister missionaries, and then 4 sets of elders. We aren't super crazy together but we've all been through a lot together in the past week and so we've gotten so close. Our district leader is amazing and the elders gave all the sisters blessings on Sunday. It was one of the most powerful experiences ever. The blessings were so simple and the elders I could feel like they were inadequate or their blessings were so generic, but they were exactly what each one of us needed it was amazing. There were tears all over the place.

I love my teachers and my "investigators." Our one real investigator is amazing! She's been through so much hard times and I just love her so much and just want to help her all I can. It's hard to see people be so sad when you know you have exactly what could help them be happy and feel loved but they don't want to accept it. 

My biggest problem is that I want to be a perfect missionary already so I find myself struggling a lot when I can't be perfect already! But guess what? I've been a missionary for a week, my comp helps me a lot with that problem. I had all these things I wanted to tell you but I can't remember anymore now. Oh! I've seen all my friends here! Sister Pope is in my zone so I see her ALL the time its amazing! And I've seen Sister Hart, Sister Lunt, Sister Hunt, Elder Cox and then some sisters from my YSA ward in Logan. It's so great seeing all these people! I love the sisters I share a room with and am so glad we're all going to South Carolina. In a week!! AHH!! This work is amazing, and it's hard so pray for us all. And write me on Dearelder.com! Cuz I leave next Tuesday at 3 am so I won't have time to email for a while. But I love you all and miss you! Thanks for everything!! 

Sister Johanson

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm alivE!

Hi this is a really short brief email letting you know I'm absolutely alive just not completely. My P day is on Tuesday so that's when I'll be emailing you guys. But since I only have really one p day in the MTC, I'm not going to get to hear a lot of your responses. So if you use dearelder.com I can get a letter from you guys every day! So use that, that would be nice to hear from you. Love you! 

Off She Goes!

Ali is always up for an adventure. She started doing Adventure Thursdays in high school with her friends. This time, it's an adventure of a lifetime with nobody but the Lord by her side. She was set apart as a missionary on Tuesday and entered the MTC on Wednesday. We will miss her but know that she will come home a better person as she helps people become better people by coming to Christ.