Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No Title This Week

Good weeks, good weeks! Yay!! This week was really good. We did lots of running around and planning and just crazy things. We had MLC this week, which is so cool. And then we had ZTM which was really spiritual and awesome!! Ah!

So even though we've been running around like crazy, God has really been taking care of the work and just letting us be busy and see the people we need to see. We met some really awesome people this week that we've just decided are gonna be baptized. So we're gonna help them decide that too ;)
But it's been so cool this past week seeing how the Lord has really been guiding us and showing us how we can be more successful in our missionary work and do what He wants us to. Our zone is becoming a lot more united and I just love the missionaries here. They are so cool.

We had 8 less actives come to church on Sunday, which was really cool! And I think the coolest part about it is there was this one less active family that had been visited forever by missionaries and they just weren't progressing and we didn't know what to do for them. And Sister Bird and I just felt like we needed to drop them. So we went in and prayed very hard during the lesson and it was just all led by the spirit. And the spirit told us and then we told them that basically we were holding them back by constantly visiting them because they had the tools they needed to to progress and learn more. So we left it in their hands. And then they called up a member in our ward and came to church the next day! Woo hoo!

The spirit is so cool and it's amazing what happens when we just let the Lord do what He needs to do. It's never about us, just about what God can do through us. And sometimes we just need to get out of the way to let things happen. But I love you all so much!! And I hope you have an amazing week! 

Good luck in all living situations whether you be a missionary, student, parent or whatever. I love y'all!!!

Sister Johanson :)

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