Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The power of satan is no match for the power of Jesus.

Heeey Everybody!!

Hey it's me :) Sister Jo jr. Well..this just in, in the city of Spartanburg...nothing really new. Went on some exchanges this last week. They were pretty good. Definitely felt the influence of the Holy Ghost and power of Christ helping me out as I was feeling not quite sure of what I am doing and why I am where I am. And it's just interesting because lots of people say they feel humbled by their call to serve. I wish I was humble. Lots of times I just feel crummy, but then being able to just remember that it's not about me and what I can or cannot do. My job is to be a vessel for God to work through.

It's was a rougher week to start out, not a lot of stuff was happening. And sister Bird and I were kinda in the same boat. But then we both went and got blessings and a line in mine just said, "Remember that faith precedes the miracle" So after dinner we were driving and I just decided to have some faith. And guess what? We had an awesome evening! We taught some really cool people and had some awesome lessons! And then church was really good and I really love this ward! Man, things are gonna be okay. Heavenly Father just keeps telling me that. You think I would just stop having to be told and just believe it. Dang human.

But I'm going through the discussions with myself and working on building my testimony more. So I'm trying to ask myself inspired questions and stuff like that and this week I was studying about God is our loving Heavenly Father, the line about how God is sad when we are sad and feels joy when we feel joy. The question came to mind to record when I had felt that God had been being sad with me and been happy with me. And all of a sudden I realized, I hadn't ever taken time to recognize it. I always thought that when I turned to God during times of hurt, that He was just there to comfort me and say "yeah but it's going to be ok". Which He does do. But first, he takes time to be sad with you. He never diminishes how we feel. Like when Martha and Mary came to Christ and told Him that Lazarus had died. He didn't diminish how heartbreaking that was. It says that Jesus wept. That's so powerful to me because He knew that Lazarus would rise again and that it would all be happy again. But He truly took time to mourn with those that mourn. So when we say Christ and God live. They truly live. They live WITH us. When we live, they live it too. I just invite you all to take time to ponder when you have felt God mourning with you and celebrating with you.

Well I love you all so much! Hope you have a fantastic week!! 3 cheers for the gospel! Woo hoo!

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