Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Many go to church, but few go to Christ

Hello people!

How is everybody doing? This week has been a really interesting week. It's had it's ups and downs. But you know, when does it not?

We met some really cool people, and some really crazy ones. There's this guy we met earlier this week who said we could come back on the weekend. So we went back and he told us to come back later cuz he was sleeping. So we left and turned the car around and as we're driving by he waves us down, goes inside, comes back out-motions us to follow him. We go up to him and he invites us inside. We talked to him briefly and got his number so we could come back when another woman was home. He then texted us for the next 2 hours 14 messages at a time. All about how "Jesus has given him great power" and "We can lead others to His way, truth and light" and "have you ever wondered what color Jesus is? Because spiritually it doesn't matter but physically the world denies Him". It was great. People here get really caught up in what color Jesus is.

But we are teaching some really awesome people!! Lots of part member families and less actives and all that good stuff. We had 3 investigators at church yesterday, which is actually the first time an investigator has come to church at all since I've been in Spartanburg. And it was just so cool to see the ward go to work and just get in there and fellowship and support. Was really awesome :)
Ah I just love people. Crazy or normal. But I mean it's the south, so they're all crazy here.

Well, I just love the restoration of the gospel, and I love commandments! It's been so cool that we've really been focusing on teaching towards commitments and committing people to things at the beginning of the lessons, as to establish expectations and separate the wheat from the tares so we can spend our time more wisely. And it's just so  cool because it helps so much as we teach repentance. That that's what we are focused on as missionaries is to cry repentance. That when we don't read our scriptures every day or we don't pray morning and night, that we are breaking God's commandments. But He's given us commandments because He really just wants to bless us. I mean He commands us to pay 1/10 of our income and then promises us the windows of heaven to be opened so we don't have room to receive it. God is so loving and so kind. That's why He gives us commandments. To keep us safe and protected, and any revelation we receive for ourselves is a chance for us to receive blessings from God and should be treated as such. But I know God is just a loving Father, looking out for His kids and giving us ways in which we can gain greater peace and happiness in this life. But I love you all, and hope you all have a very blessed week.


Sister Johanson

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