Monday, March 28, 2016

He is Risen


Jk I'm not Hawaiian, and neither is my comp. Fooled ya all. Actually a sister that we're staying with is tho. So not too much foolin.
How was y'alls easter? Did you eat plenty of treats? Find all the eggs? (prolly not) Find the ones from last year? Think about Jesus Christ?

So I'm here in Spartanburg, which is right around the corner from Greenville. Just the neighboring zone over. They really like me up here in the upstate. Which I'm cool with. It's pretty. I'm with Sister Bird! She's from Oregon and she has been out for 15 months. What? Just 3 left. Also! She loves running and gnomes! What the what? Went and ran 5 miles this morning, it was so great! Haven't been able to do that in 9 months. Ah miracles.
Other miracles of the week, I've been telling Heavenly Father I really need new clothes monies. And then I come here where the 2 previous missionaries had died (sorry missionary term. They are alive in their home towns, just not in SC) and left all their clothes! Yay clothes! And we went out to eat the other day and I had no money but we had no food and we go in and this member is there and says, "Hey! I'm gonna pay for your dinner!" Ah, Heavenly Father takes care of His missionaries. So blessed ;)

But I love Spartanburg, we are working with a  lot of people right now which is awesome. It's like a culmination of all my past areas combined. Except there are a lot of Mong people too.

Favorite line of the week: (guy talking about his girlfriend) "I think someone got her pregnant while I was in jail. But I'm ok with that, because I love kids."
Alright world...can we calm things down a bit? Sorry this is a crazy email. It's been a crazy week! We'll have some more spiritual thoughts next week. Stay tuned. Ah! Especially because it's general conference! So stoked!! Woot woot!

Sister Johanson (the one and only)

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