Monday, March 7, 2016

A Good Pill to Swallow is Your Pride

Ah hello outside world! Let me tell you what's going on in the inside world. Absolutely nothing! From a mortal perspective. Ah it must be so fun to be God because He's looking down on us and seeing everything that is working it's way into play and how everything is gonna turn out. And luckily, we do know that it's all going to turn out great! We just have to remember that part. Cuz sometimes...we don't. And then life is lummy. But it doesn't have to be lummy, it can be yummy! Just like the dericious cookies we made this week :) Ah those were so good :) It's very hard to cook in the south because humidity and altitude mess everything up! But I'm finally figuring things out.

Ok! Really cool experience! So we're planning on Wednesday night and I get an impression that at 7:00 on Thursday we should go see this sister in our ward. But hey guess what? She is out of town until April. But I say hey, we need to go there! So we stick it in our schedule. And then next night at 7:00 we go to her house and feel like we need to go knock on her door. Even though we know for a fact that she is not home! So we do it anyway, and her daughter answers! And her daughter doesn't live in our ward but was there dog sitting her cousins dog. So she invited us in and we start talking and she starts telling us about how she just got a raise at work and got a bonus and it was a complete answer to prayers! And so we shared a scripture with her and then she said, "Yeah, well I am not the most active person, but as soon as I got that money I had a voice in the back of my head tell me 'ok now go pay your tithing' and you guys showing up here tonight confirmed that to me"! And then she went on to say (like I said before she's not actually in our ward) that the other wards sisters had texted her and asked if they could come visit her that night but she said no because she wasn't going to be home. And then we showed up!! So we committed her to pay her tithing and other miracles happened. So, listen to the spirit!

Holy cow, this week has been spiritually exhausting. I've learned and been taught so much by God and it just keeps going. It's crazy because we've learned all about hope this week, and it seems like everyone else has been learning about it too. I wish I could share all my thoughts and insights about it but I'll have to some other time. But I do know that there is always hope because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Isn't it amazing to think that Jesus Christ suffered for ALL of OUR sins and pains and afflictions, knowing that only a tiny fragment of humanity would actually use His atonement? And that's because of hope, and charity and love. So the greatest gift we can give Him is to use His atonement. All the time. Never hesitate. Never try to do it all on your own. Because your Savior went through it all so you would not have to. It is truly His greatest gift and so let's choose to use it. I love my Savior so much. And I love all of you so much! I hope you all have a great week. And I know you can.

All the hope over here in the South!

Sister Johanson JR.

Our pal Mami gave us some necklaces to wear to church hahahaa

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