Monday, February 29, 2016

Have you been let down by a donkey or an elephant? Try the Lamb. He'll give you rest.

This week I dropped a weight on my head. A good old 10 pounder while I was working out and down it came right on the smack top of my noggin. And if anyone says that prayers and faith don't work you can tell them they are wrong. Because I had a giant goose egg right after, and I prayed and it went down and I haven't been loopy at all all week so there ya go. (I told ya Sister Johanson has been quite the oaf lately. They now call me Albert Brenneman.)

Ah this week was great. We had interviews with president and it was great. He still reassures me every time he sees me that, Yes he does read all of my letters to him. Haha. We met a really awesome fellow the beginning of last week who told us he has never been baptized before (an uncommon occurrence here) but that sometimes he'll go to the river and he'll pray to God to ask to take away his sins and then he'll dunk himself in the water. So he's baptized himself quite a few times in his life. So we're gonna talk to him a little about authority and that good stuff. 

None of our lessons went through this week with our investigators but we did meet with one of our favorite less-actives. Ah he is so great and we are making some good progress with him. We had dinner with some converts of a year and they are just one of my favorite families. They were sealed last weekend, and they now found out that they can sick the missionaries on their friends but that we can just treat it like a door contact and their friends don't even have to know. So they are into giving us like 15 referrals every time we see them. It's awesome haha. And! A couple they gave us this week are super interested and we are really excited about them. 

Other than that, I have not a lot of time left which is lummy cuz I actually have things to say this week. But I guess that's for another time! So I love y'all! You are so great and you are all doing amazing things! Keep up the good work. Give Dressa lots more hugs for me. You all need to make up for 2.5 years worth of them so get going. :)

Be missionaries! Conquer the world! All the good things! 

Sister Johanson (still JR)

Elder Swingler broke his collar bone so is going home.
Us having a picnic in yet another church parking lot.

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