Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sorrow Looks Back, Fear Looks Forward, Faith looks Up


So erryone, how's it be? Pretty swell over here in South Carolina. Although the weather can't seem to make up it's mind. Last week it was sooooo cold! We had black ice on Monday night and they said that 100 people died from road slides and wrecks and stuff like that. We slid around a little so we were advised to just go home. 

But now it's as warm as muffins. So we dunno. The flowers keep blossoming and then they get killed. It's a cruel little trick mother nature keeps playing. I keep getting allergies every other week. 

We had some good lessons this week, and we are still working towards a goal. Sister Smith is so funny and said she was ranting in the shower one morning about our goal and telling Heavenly Father that we did not have any time to make this stuff happen. Cuz it wasn't like an investigator was just gonna waltz up and ask us about the gospel. But then we were in a lesson with one of our less active pals and we have to meet outside with him. And his pal strolls up during our lesson and sits down and starts actively listening and asking all these questions and wants to learn more about the gospel! So welp. Heavenly Father just had to tell us that He can do whatever He wants, He can certainly perform miracles. 

Another great goal we had this week! Haha is to make our WML laugh, because he is a good hearted guy who likes to make lots of jokes and we are pretty pals with him. But he never outright laughs. Just smirks or smiles or something. So we had dinner with them last night and we told them a story of Sister Johanson making a fool of herself in front of this guy who was not super nice to us while she is struggling with her bag and her scarf and then tries to unlock her car, yanking on the door handle when the guy has to come and tell her she is trying to get in the wrong car. So yes, Sister Johanson to the rescue with all the awkward stories. 

I've learned a lot about charity this week. I've seemed to find all the talks about it and it's so interesting. Because in PMG one of the Christlike attributes is Charity and Love. And so Sister Smith and I were talking about it and it seemed that charity and love was kind of redundant. Because it was like saying love and love? So what was the difference between charity and love? And the more I've studied about it and the gospel and relationships, the more I've realized that true, deep and meaningful emotions and feelings and relationships come out of being vulnerable. There is a quote I think by Sherri Dew. There was a lady who asked her one time, "I always reach out and try and try but I always get burned" and Sherri Dew responded, "Well, what's wrong with that?" And it puts into perspective so many things. Before my mission I listened to a TED talk about vulnerability and how the people who make themselves more vulnerable often have more fulfilled and happy lives. And I've always been bad at making myself vulnerable, I like to close up and show that I am strong. But when we allow ourselves the option of getting hurt we open up the door to a bigger and fuller range of emotions and blessings. Charity is the pure love of Christ. We can't really say we love someone until we've given them everything of us that we have to give. Giving them that option to destroy us but trusting that better things lie ahead and God will take care of our heart if we take care of His flock. And I've reflected on the times in my life when I have grown the most and the things that have truly/actually changed me. The person that I am. And it's always been times when I've felt charity. Always. There's a talk by Elder Wirthlin, "The Great Commandment" where he talks about this. And he says that charity is the transforming power of the gospel. Because what was the greatest act of love? When a father gave His son for His children. 

I love you all so much and hope you find a better way to love this week!! I love you!!! 

Keep smiling,

Sister Johanson JR

Hey Sam! Found this street and made sure to take a picture with it!

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