Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ordinary Water?

Yes, the title has no cool story. Like I said at the beginning of my mission I try to do all my titles as marquees off of churches. For the majority of the time I've been pretty successful. This one...I don't know what it means. So yes. 

This week, I'm not sure if anything happen. I feel like I say that a lot more lately. I'm sure things happen it is just all being wiped from my memory. Umm..Elder Nielson, the head of the missionary department, and his wife came and did a mission tour on Friday. Ah man it was so good! I love his wife. We had a sister meeting in the morning, she talked all about the marvelous work we are involved in. How God really is hastening His work and we know that this is the last hour that God is sending in His laborers. It's like in the Book of Mormon when they went to war, when they were really desperate they had their women take up arms to defend themselves. And it's happening now! Women are being involved in major departments in the church and we have so many sister missionaries serving! Ah it's so cool. If you haven't read or listened to President Nelson's talk about True Millennials, you should. It's amazing. 
They also talked a lot about companions and people. And both of them talked about marriage...meh. We weren't sure what to do with that. But ok. 

We are seeing sooo many miracles with the ward. I mean..they are very small and most people wouldn't be able to notice them if you just came in and looked at it. But man, things are really changing. So cool!! 

Transfers were this week, and if you thought they made them suspenseful before they decided to up their game. They used to give us a voicemail with a list of the people that were leaving on Saturday nights, well now they do it Monday mornings. 2 days before you have to leave. It's crazy. Luckily! Sister Smith and I are staying. Which we kinda already figured that out, but yay anyway! This will make lots of new records for sister Johanson! The first time she stays with the same companion and the longest she's been in an area! Woot!

Needless to say, the work is still moving forward. We had some good lessons this week and Sister Smith and I made up a missionary version of the pirates who don't do anything. We'll have to sing it for you sometime. 

I love you guys!! You are sooooo great!!! Hope you have a miracle filled week!!

Sister Johanson JR

Unbirthday presents

Me and the Bradleys little girl. We are twins cuz we shared birthdays
and so we made her a name tag.

Jimmy Johns!

And our district leader with all of the sisters he's ever been
district leader to.

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