Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's Change the World!

Winter is upon us now. Yikes!!!
So..this last weekend we had an ice storm!! They always talked about those here..but I never really knew what the heck that was. Cuz I knew hail, and I knew sleet and I knew snow but this wasn't any of those. Just like lots of ice pellets coming from the sky. It was crazy. So we were on lockdown for a few days. But we made the best of it! Saturday Sister Smith and I went out and scraped the cars in our apartment complex. The ice was plastered to the windshields; we did that for about two hours. It was really fun! And also cold, and a little hurty. 

Everybody here freaks out about snow and ice, with good reason. Because there are no snow removal equipment and the ice gets all over everything! It's crazy. 

We had our missionary training this week and that was really cool! Lots of general authorities broadcasting to all us missionaries about...missionary work!! It was so awesome!

Something I've been thinking about ever since my dads blog post about new years (it's great guys, and about that song of how God sent us here to change the world it made me realize how significant we all really are. Whenever we think about changing the world we always think of doing something crazy and insane that will affect the world immediately, which sometimes we can do those things. But we all are literally changing the world everyday. What we do today effect's someone's eternities. The conversation we had with someone affected their day and the way they think, it left a dent in their history, and so it changed them a little bit. And that change will effect how they interact with the next person they talk to and whatever else they may do. The changes and things we do in our lives, are changing the world! It should make us pause and think a little bit, what kind of impact do I want to make? Slowly and surely we are all making a difference, a big difference! It's not minuscule. It's like in It's a Wonderful Life. That story isn't just about George Daley, it's about all of us. We may not see the immediate impact we have on peoples lives, but maybe the song we chose to have the congregation sing in sacrament touched someones heart and grew their testimony, maybe it was what they needed to hear that day. Maybe sitting by someone in class made them feel a little closer to people than they had in a while. Maybe an email you send to a missionary caused them to sit and reflect and built their faith, which caused them to go out and influence multiple other missionaries and people. Each person leaves a dent in this world and in others lives. So I just want to say to you all. Thanks for existing! Thanks for being here. The world could use a lot more of you guys in it!

Hope you all have a wonderful miracle filled week! I love you guys!!

Sister Johanson JR

Our cute district, a beautiful like backyard and elder Russell's
birthday cake. Go cardinals...but not actually :)

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