Monday, January 18, 2016

The Light of Christ be with you in 2016

I'm sorry about the title but these darn churches don't change their marquees for like ever. So yeah. But happy MLK day and happy moon day. Remember to drink all the root beer.

So this week! I feel like not much to say. We've been sick all week and were commanded by our STLS to go to bed early cuz we refused to stay in during the day. But holy cow! So many cool spiritual experiences that come from following the spirit. One of those you'll have to wait to hear about till I come home or some thing cuz otherwise you'll just think I'm an insane person. I do. But Monday we felt really strongly the night before while planning that we should go visit this guy we had just met in passing a few weeks earlier. Well we went and they opened the door and he said to his wife, "honey we need to listen to what these girls have to say" They then proceeded to tell us all the hard things going on in life and you could see the desperation they had to change and become better. He kept saying over and over, "It's no coincidence you guys came tonight. God sent you" we had a prayer with them and they were both crying. It was so amazing. Lots of experiences like that that came with planning this week. Following the spirit is so important. I've never felt like it's been one of my strong suits but my weaknesses are becoming stronger.

We had to clean up an old set of elders apartment this week so we did it as a district activity. Sister Johanson dominated that kitchen. Don't worry it's pretty dang clean ;) We also had many other awkward experiences throughout the week..sorry this is weird and short but gots to go now. Luckily we'll all know everything someday right? That's what I have to keep telling myself as well.

But I hope you have a great week! I love you all and pray for you guys e'rry day. You are all beautiful wonderful human beings. Love you!!!

Sister Johanson JR.

Kattie at church again! She loves taking pictures
Then us and the Killough's baby. She's so chubby.

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