Monday, February 15, 2016

If hope is what you're looking for, your search is over.

Get ready for lots of typos, we are emailing on the iPad's today since the library is closed.

Well it's been a really great week! We had some really spirit packed lessons with our investigator Annie, it was awesome. Yesterday was just a whirlwind of emotions. So we have ward council at 7 so our plan was to get up at 5 because it takes us 20 minutes to get to the church and the member that was giving us he ride wanted us to be at her house at 6:35. So I wake up, roll over to look at he time and it's 6:21! I start yelling which wakes my comp and I tell her what time it is and she starts yelling. We got ready so fast and tried our best not to look like hoodlums.we only succeeded partially. For Valentine's Day we got to have dinner with our bishop and his family, which was fantastic! It was so great :)

Ha so we met this guy this week knocking. He opened the door and we introduced ourselves as missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he says, "oh ok. Well I'm a follower of Jesus Christ so a lot different from what you believe." Us: "...oh ok, cool" him: "so who is it that you follow or worship?" Us: "um Jesus Christ. We worship Jesus...:)" Him:"....oh! Really? Ok well I'd be happy to talk to you if you came back"

Oh goodness, these southern baptists. Just my favorite people :) Our goals are looking more and more impossible, which is great. Because a miracle can only occur when from a mortal perspective things seem impossible. So just, waiting on those miracles. Well waiting while out working our hineys off of course. So yes. I love you guys and I hope you continue to se miracles in your lives.

You're all so amazing!

Sister Johanson Jr

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We went to Fatz this week. First time..holy cow! It was the most
divine place ever. Sooo good.
And last one is of our zone, the Culleys (senior couple) are leaving

and we are so sad. They are the cutest.

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