Monday, August 15, 2016

We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.

Hello again world!

It's been such a good week! Update on the Hmong family. They all came to church yesterday! Woo hoo!!! "There will be mirrrracles!! When you belieeeve" #princeofegypt But yeah it was so awesome to have them all there. I just love them :)

As far as news of the rest of the week, oh goodness. I just don't know. It's been really cool because Sister Hill and I have been a little upset with how solid the people have been that we have been finding and we just have wanted to get more solid people and less actives to teach. So we decided to change the tactic of how we count our key indicators.

Brief lesson! A key indicator is a number that represents a certain amount of something. So like how many lessons you had during the week with an active member with you. How many less active people you have taught that week. How many new investigators you have gotten. Okay..briefing over.
So we decided that we wanted our key indicators to represent more solid people, so we decided we would only count something if it was completely solid. Thus our key indicators suffered last week, meaning that they were pretty low. But we knew that if we showed the Lord that this is the kind of people we are counting He would bless us with those kind of people to teach! And lo and behold He did!

Now how can we apply this to our every day lives? ;) ha

Well I just think it's so amazing to see that Heavenly Father really is going to grant us according to our desires, and we show Him what our desires are by how we act. I read in Mormon today about miracles and how God is an unchanging God, and that He has been and always will be a God of miracles, and how He always works miracles by our faith. Well if we really want to have faith to produce a miracle we really have to come to know the person that we rely on the miracle for. And that's what I have learned. Is that we don't have faith in the miracle produced but in the Being that produced it. I know that as I've come to know who really is my Father in Heaven, then I come to know that He is a loving, kind and gentle Heavenly Father who delights in blessing His children. And it allows me to really trust that He really does want what's best for me and He wants to bless me to have miracles in my life. I know that for certain. I love you guys so much! I hope you continue to see blessings in your lives. They are always present. Sometimes God waits to give us more until we decide to be grateful for the ones we already have. I hope you choose to do so.

I love you!

Sister Johanson

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