Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our attitude can make or break our destiny.

Hey friends and family! And maybe some other random people :)

Love you guys! Just throwing that out there early in the email. But I'll probably say it again at the end of this baby. Just so filled with love..does that mean I've developed charity yet? Ha just kidding. Still praying for that one :)

This week has been awesome! So many awesome miracles and blessings and craziness. This next week will be even crazier, can already tell that. But, craziness is what makes missionary life fun! Man, loving it.

Miracle of the week! We did a service thing on Saturday, we helped out a part member family with a walk that they were in charge of that was funding for kids with apraxia. And so they had lots of games and treats and raffles. The raffle tickets were $1 and we went to look at the raffle prizes and one of them was this small bag with some gift cards in it. One of the gift cards was to...Jimmy
Johns!! We looked in the little raffle box to see how many people had bid on it and guess how many? 0 people! So I ran to the car to look for my wallet and I looked and lo and behold! It was completely empty (ohhhh). But then I ran back and there was this lady I had talked to at her booth and talked to her about the church. And she was buying some raffle tickets and then said, "and I'll get one for the girl over there with the yellow ponytail" And that was me! So totally won the Jimmy johns gift card..for free! Woo hoo! Testimony of fast offerings! Pay em! The Lord provides.

Oh! Oh! Seng got the priesthood on Sunday!! WOooooooo!!! Well..advanced in the priesthood. He's gonna baptize his wife!!! Holla! It was so cool, because they opened the back curtain on Sunday! One of the speakers was giving his talk in sacrament and he is about in his late 30's or 40's. And at the beginning of his talk he says, "I have been in this ward since I was 15 and I have never seen the back curtain get opened." It was so amazing. And there weren't even visitors, it was all less actives and investigators coming to church. Faith is a power brothers and sisters.

This area has been so cool for me to be in and I've been so blessed to be with Sister Hill the past two transfers. She's been such a good example to me of having an attitude of gratitude. I've used faith to make things happen other times in my mission but since I've been with her she's helped me see how to use it without making it feel forced. And it just all comes back to being humble and having a grateful heart. President Monson says, if ingratitude is one of the worst of sins, than gratitude is one of the most heavenly virtues. I've seen how much gratitude has changed my experience as a missionary and changed the way that the Lord has provided me with blessings.

Things are just moving along here, enjoying every other second of it ;) I hope you guys continue to see miracles in your life. Expect them, the Lord wants to give.

Love you!!

Sister Johanson 

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