Monday, August 22, 2016

It's hot outside, but hell is hotter.

Hello everybody out there! Time for my weekly report. Things have gone really well this week. Did I mention last week that our area exploded? Well it did, we don't even know what happened. But we are glad it did.

Oh cool thing! So a few weeks ago, Sister Hill and I were talking about how we just don't really have any youth in our ward and so we wanted to bring some more youth in. So we have been making a plan to go to each families home that has youth in it and teach them the restoration and help the youth get excited to share the gospel for the upcoming school year.

Also a few weeks ago we were getting our boundaries changed for the wards in our stake. Preparing for it we were hoping we would get a lot of families coming in because we really don't have a lot of families in our ward. I kept praying that we would get some families and then when the ward boundaries changed we ended up just getting cut a lot of people out of our ward and we weren't added any. So I was a little disappointed.

But then! The Lord, within the last couple of weeks has moved in 5 new families into our ward, also in mine and Sister Hill's area. With! Several youth :) Man the Lord just has a plan. All we are required to do is take our desires to him with faith, and do what we can to make things happen.
We really can't do a lot, but the Lord takes it anyways and then dumps blessings on us.
I think there is a talk by S. Michael Wilcox (my favorite guy) and he talks about his son one time wanted to give him a present. So he put together a small pencil holder made out of macaroni. Then he borrowed 2 dollars from his dad and went and bought some pencils to put inside. That was the present he gave his dad and of course his dad loved it for what it was and also because he knew what his son would be capable of in the future. And God is so much the same. All we really have to offer are our pencil holders made of macaroni, also having to borrow "money" from Him just to be able to make our gift complete. But He takes it with so much happiness and satisfaction for what we've given Him, knowing what we can give in the future. What have we to boast of? Everything that we have is given to us from God? If we are successful it is because God has blessed us with the circumstances to make success. If we are blessed than God has given us those blessings. I am just so grateful to be indebted to a merciful and loving God.

He has blessed us so much this week. Our mong family continues to progress, Seng got interviewed for the priesthood this week and will be ordained to a priest next week and will be worthy to baptize his wife in the coming weeks. I've just seen so many small miracles and large in this area. I'm just so grateful to have the gospel in my life. Greatest blessing ever :)

Ha awkward Sister Johanson moment of the week: we knocked into this one guy who was super friendly and he invited us to come back and share more. So as we were setting up a time to come back he mentioned he had to work so I asked him where he worked. He answered that he worked at Jimmy Johns and before the words were out of his mouth I started freaking out a little bit. So did sister Hill and we just had to reassure him that I just really liked Jimmy Johns. He was a little caught off guard by these girls who were so ecstatic about where he worked. And so to top it all off, we went to leave and were walking down the stairs. I tripped, almost face planted but gracefully got myself into an erect position. Waved goodbye and gracefully exited the premises. 👋 thank  you thank you. I'll be here all week...and a little while longer.

Love yall! Hope you have a great week!!!

Sister Johanson

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