Tuesday, November 17, 2015

When your heart is filled with the Holy Ghost, it leaves no room for sin

Hello friends and family, 

Alright, we'll start out with a couple of shout outs. 
Shout out to Morgan Thurston! Because my new comp reminds me a LOT of morgan. I love her lots, she is so great! And crazy!! ;)

Second shout out is to the Finch family. Cuz one of the Spanish elders in my ward (his name is Elder Finch) is cousins with the Finches. So yes..important things going on.

Alright, so I'm back upstate. I am in Greenville, which is guess what? Right next to Anderson! Like they are next door neighbors!! Tender mercy of that. They send out baptism texts to the zone when missionaries put somebody on date; and we got a text the other day of the Anderson sisters putting someone on date. And it was my first investigator I found!! The one with a million grandchildren who was my most favorite person to teach and I had some of the best experiences with. She and her daughter and some of her grandchildren are getting baptized in December!! Yay!! So cool :) 

So anyway, Greenville is soooo different from Orangeburg. Orangeburg was very humble, and very poor, a little bit sketchy but was sooo great. Greenville is a bigger city and lots of well off people who don't feel like they need very much from missionaries. So...yeah. Take me back to the ghetto!! Just kidding. But the ward is so great!! My comp is so great. The work is a little bit slow here, it will be a little bit of an uphill for a while. But what else is new right? 

Got to Greenville on Wednesday and then Saturday we had mini missions! Which is where some Laurels from another stake came and were missionaries with us for two days. We had two girls, so we basically just went on splits for two days. It was crazy, because my comp just got out of training and I just got to the area so we had no idea what we were doing and these girls had no idea what they were doing but it all went smoothly and we are just praying that it didn't make them NOT want to go on a mission. That would be bad. 

I really don't know what else to say...we get fed a lot! That always makes me and my tummy happy :) I guess that's it! I will try to send pictures, I don't think I'm a real girl. Cuz you'll notice in funny pictures when girls say funny picture they do some cute "silly" face that just makes them look more adorable than silly. And then Sister Johanson does..something with her face that can't be explained. So yeah..but anyway. 

I love you guys!! And hope you have a great week filled with the spirit!!

Love Sister Johanson JR. 

See what I mean

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