Monday, November 2, 2015

The devils trick is no treat

Whats up everybody!!

Well, why are weeks so weird here? This week, it feels like nothing happened but then all these wonderful great small things happened that just made this week seem like it was great. I went on an eternal exchange! Because of scheduling conflicts we exchanged Monday night and then unexchanged Wednesday afternoon. I went to Irmo with Sister Swanson. I love her. And it just felt like I was there for an eternity, I'm pretty sure I just thought that Sister Swanson was just my companion. But it was really good and I love exchanges. nothing really did happen this week. But! Well first Saturday was halloween. We got put on lockdown after dinner because everybody here gets drunk and it's not safe to be out, also it's very unproductive. So us sisters had a halloween party! Sister Rymer and I carved punkins and the other sisters painted theirs. They are super cute. And we dressed up, I dressed up as Sister Rymer just cuz I was lame. But she gets super cold so in the morning she wears like 13 jackets and 5 scarves so I dressed up as her in the morning. Was funny...but really hot. And of course we ate like junk loads of candy. Not a very good idea. 

Sunday was the best day of all. Church was just so good. 2 of our investigators came. One of them is getting ready to be baptized next week (please pray for him this week. He needs lots of Gods help). But he is just so prepared!!! We taught him about fasting this week, and then he started teaching us! He already has a testimony of most of the things we teach him. I'm pretty sure I never really understood fasting until he explained it to me this week. He just wants to be as involved as he can be with the church. Man what an awesome guy. Sister Johanson's tribute to the mission is her firm handshake, because every male I ever shake hands with always comments on it. So our investigator always shakes hands with me twice. Then our other investigator who we've been trying to get to church forever!! Finally came :) She is so cute, and funny. But in Sunday school, she started talking about a miscarriage she had a long time ago and a dream that she had about it. She starts talking about how in it there is this ice cream truck and inside of it there are all these dead babies hung up!! Oh my gosh, I did not know what to do when she started telling that story. Actually I was pretty vocal about my feelings...but, she ended up really liking church. Especially after Relief Society. So that's awesome. 

And!! We had an awesome testimony meeting. You know how the first presidency made that announcement yesterday about the immigrants and refugees? Well one of our really outspoken brothers in the ward went up to bear his testimony and started talking about how he was really surprised about the announcement. Because he is a conservative and all the things he's heard about it. But then he said, "So I have to make a choice. Do I listen to the worlds voices and what they're telling me these refugees are? Or do I listen to the prophet? I think I'll follow the prophet!" It was really neat. 

Guys listen, this gospel is just the best isn't it?! Don't you just want to shout it from the rooftops? Don't you just want everyone to have all the blessings you have? I do. I'm so glad I'm on my mission :) I hope you all have a great week and find time to think about all the things you love about this gospel and that it motivates you to share it. Happy fall y'all!

Love, Sister Johanson :)

I was Sister Rymer for Halloween. She's always super cold so this is

literally how she dresses in the mornings.

Mine is the small punkin.

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