Monday, November 9, 2015

Things may be bad but God is good

This week...I dunno. 

First off, some cool things of this week. We taught a college class!! We got an A+! Ha, so I told you guys a while ago how we got asked to teach the psychology class? Well we did it finally. It was a class on death and dying, so we were asked to talk about funerals and how our view of the afterlife affects our funeral and burial services. So we taught the plan of salvation. It was really really cool. We showed "Because of Him." The spirit was soo strong in that classroom of like 40 kids and a college professor. There were quite a few kids who were really engaged, this one kid who was asking a lot of questions and was really intent on everything we were saying. I picture his face a lot and pray for him. We got to hand out plan of salvation pamphlets with our number on it and the address of the church. Some good will come of it, maybe not today but definitely in the future. 

We had ZTM and it was really good. We learned different ways to approach people which is just to testify as soon as you talk to them. Like this.."Hey I'm Sister Johanson and I know God loves you!" and then your companion will teach and then you ask a question and then testify again. And then boom! You find the elect. We went and tried it, really cool experience. This really neat lady that we met. 

And then I guess the other news of the week. I am being transferred..again. What's going on? I'm not sure. Not just transferred we're being whitewashed. I guess I just keep ruining my areas and so the Lord needs to start from scratch. Sister Rymer is staying in Orangeburg though and being put into a 3 pack with the the sisters and transferring elders in. So it is I, the lone ranger off into the unknown. It's ok, I know it's what the Lord wants. He needs me somewhere else. We'll see what happens.
This weeks been rough, if you could all pray for Donald, he could use a lot of prayers right now. Please and thank you. Sorry not much writing this week. But I love you all!! It's very reassuring to know that God's hand is very much a part in our lives. Especially as a missionary. Hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Johanson Jr.

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