Monday, September 21, 2015

Without the bread of life, you're toast!

Friends and family!

It's weird for me to be writing you..I dunno why. I feel like nothing happened this week. When actually lots happened this week!!! We are moving apartments, so we've been having to clean that all weekend and they shut off our power this morning but we didn't have our key to the other apartment so we haven't been able to move stuff over. So it's been crazy and we are still in the process of moving over, that's what we'll be doing today. 

We had zone conference this last Thursday. Oh my goodness, it was so good. President is amazing. We talked all about using faith as a power, and the way we do that it by using and controlling our thoughts. He read from a book called Drawing on the Powers of Heaven, but did you know only 10% of our thoughts are actually used constructively? That is not very much friends. But I was reading in Ether this last week about the brother of Jared and I love that story. But I love how it talks about when the Lord starts touching the stones then the brother of Jared sees His hand. And it says it couldn't be kept from him. And it shows that that is how miracles happen. God didn't grant him the ability to see His hand, it was because of his faith that he couldn't be kept from seeing the hand of the Lord. So if we have enough faith, we can't be kept from having miracles! It's up to us to make miracles happen. They are waiting for us, we just have to call them down with our thoughts and our faith. Pretty cool I thought. 

Our investigator came to church this Sunday!! Yay!! It's funny..cuz every time our investigators come to church we learn something obscure in relief society. Last week we learned about the elderly and what they can do to be useful, then they passed out prunes at the end. This week we learned about the law of chastity. Man fun times. 

Lets see..I guess that's all. I'm getting to try more southern food so that's awesome. This week we had shrimp and grits which is a famous southern specialty. And then we also had country pudding. Which is not pudding, another name for it is liver pudding. THey said they only really make it in South Carolina. What it is is all the insides of a pig you usually throw away, thrown together and mashed up. Mmm..twas pretty tasty actually. 

Other than that pretty normal week. I love y'all and hope you are all having good things happen, congratulations to Ammon on being baptized!! I love you boy and am proud of you :) 

Everyone just keep being missionaries!! The Lord needs you
-Love sister Johanson Jr.

This is Sister Rymer and I with our face masks. 
Then 2 is us and our zone. 
The last one is of the sisters wearing the elders jackets. It
was so freezing in the church so president asked the elders if they
would let us wear their coats. So that was nice, and also kinda weird.

But warm :)

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