Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Service Projects

Whale errybody,

This week has been quite uneventful. We did plenty of service projects
so that was fun! We helped a member of the ward clean the house they
were moving into. We are all pretty sure the people who lived there
before hadn't touched any sort of cleaning supplies their entire
existence In that house. I got the funnest job and got to clean the
shower! It really was fun cuz I got to see the magic of bleach :) hehe
and how a black piece of tile could be transformed into a white piece
of tile :) God is a God of miracles and after hours of work it was
finally somewhat clean ha.

We also helped a new investigator move out of her apartment, which in
retrospect was kinda counterproductive cuz she was moving into her
boyfriends house. But I didn't realize what we were helping her do til
later hat night. Sister Rymer said it will just be good practice for
us for after we teach the law of chastity and have to help them move
out. Hahaha sheesh....

We taught lots and lots of lessons this week, found lots of people,
knocked lots of doors. We are just having a hard time getting people
to church, which is frustrating. But one of our family's we are
teaching are finally gonna get married in a couple months! So that's

Something the mission is great for is to teach us patience. I know
things are happening and we are doing lots of good, it's just hard to
see sometimes at the surface. But sister Harvey is really good at
talking out how we are planting seeds. Making the connection of how a
seed was just planted and different ways it could prepare them for
future light and knowledge. So that's always cool. I love this gospel
so much. Our bishop is awesome! We had dinner with him and his family
last night and he told us about some ways they are gonna get the ward
more involved in missionary work and how they are gonna get us fed
more. So prayers are working!! But I love you all and hope you all
have a great week!!

Sister Ali Jo

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