Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Work for Jesus, the retirement benefits are great.

Hello everybody!! 

Man what a week, it has been crazy.

Lot's of stuff fell through, which is always sad. But it's given us a chance to figure out our bikes. Which has been an adventure. We've biked almost everyday this last week. Oo wee. The first half of the week was a struggle, oh man. I just did not know what I was doing and how to plan with bikes and be effective. But, we are getting the hang of it and it's gotten a lot better. I think the biggest struggle was just figuring out how to get our bikes on our bike rack. We were out in the parking lot trying to figure it out, we called the elders and they said they would call us back (which they never did) and this guy pulled up and was trying to help us. None of us knew what we were doing, so it took a solid 30 minutes flipping the bikes this way and that trying to get them on the thing and then we finally got them on there. And the fasteners are like immovable. They are these rubber thingos and it takes the strength and stamina of 10 horses to get those buddies fastened down. Good thing we now have the strength and stamina of 10 horses so we can get those things on and off all day :) 

But other than that, the week has just flown by. We finally got a bout of coldness yesterday but it is wearing off. I don't remember if I told you guys about Brenda last week, the bible referrals relative that came to book of mormon? Well we met with her on Wednesday and she asked us what she needed to do to get baptized. So we were like, "oh well you know, we can teach you about that" and she is just awesome. And gave us referrals for all her family members and friends. 

I think one of my least favorite phrases people use in the church and other people use in general is "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle". I think that is false. I mean I guess it goes back to what you mean when you say handle. It's true that most of the trials we face in life, will not ultimately kill us or ruin us forever. But when I think of handling something I think of still having composure, having a sense of peace and control over yourself and the situation. There have been in a lot of times on my mission and lately where I do not feel like I have control over myself or my situation and are able to deal with it in a peaceful and calm way. But saying that, when those feelings of peace and stability and reassurance do come, it is always when I turn to the Lord and give Him my load. Because, maybe I'm just a lot weaker than the rest of mankind (which is highly likely and possible) but I just don't feel like I can handle everything God gives me. But when I take what He gives me and turn it over to Him and allow Him to become a part of "handling" it, then it turns into something manageable. Maybe still something uncomfortable, but something I can live peaceably with and continue on with trust, and hope in the future. So I'm grateful God gives me things that I can't handle, because it allows Him to become a bigger part of my life as I allow myself to be yoked alongside Him. 

I'm grateful for this gospel. It still is true, and I hope you guys all have a great week! You are in my prayers. Love yall! :)

Sister Johanson

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