Tuesday, July 12, 2016

If you are reading this, then the vineyard is praying for you.

Hola amigos! Hermana Johanson here. I've been switched to a Spanish speaking missionary now. Ha just kidding that was a joke. Fooled ya huh? ;)

Well this week was really good. We had some good meetings. MLC which was awesome, President talked all about mental exertion and virtue. It was so good. And we had ZTM which surprisingly was not stressful so that is the first in a while. Yay! Progress. Man I just love our missionaries. They are so awesome. The Lord is just preparing everybody who is out here. It's really cool to see as a missionary, not just how the Lord is playing a part in everybody's lives who doesn't have the gospel, but with those that do as well. Everybody here made the decision to come here, and they all have their reasons why. And God is always a part of that.

We had a super 4th of July. It was really cool. Our zone leaders put together a finding activity for them and 3 sets of us sisters in the zone. We went to the Spartanburg 4th of July festival and set up a family history booth. We had one of the members set up a slideshow and have people sign up for a family history class and talk to them about it. And while she did that us missionaries made newspaper hats! They weren't the sailor kind of hats, they looked more like bowler hats. It was a funny process to make them. You would stick the newspaper right on their head and then tape around their head. Then you would roll up the newspaper and tape it, tie a ribbon around it and stick a flag in it. They looked kinda funny, but they were so fun! And everybody wanted them! We were making hats non stop for over 3 hours, all of our faces and hands were completely black from the ink. But we got to watch the fireworks and that was a blessing. It was just an overall real good day. God Bless America.

We taught a Mong couple this week, Bao and Seng. Ah they are so cool. Seng is less-active and we've been teaching Bao for a while. But we've never been able to teach them together, but we finally got to this week! And it's going to help so much in Bao's progression. We taught the plan of salvation and taught about repentance and Seng was so excited to repent. It's crazy the joy that comes from knowing that our life is not a dead end, and our mistakes are not permanent. Oh the joy the gospel brings. It's just been a really good week and we're looking forward to another one. I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Johanson

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