Thursday, July 7, 2016

Does the world leave you cold? Grab the comforter.

Hello world! Happy 4th of July!! Yay America!

So this week has been really good. We had zone conference and got to give a training with the ZL's. It went pretty good. Always love hearing from president and seeing all the missionaries. Yay for this week cuz we get to do it again since tomorrow is Mlc and Friday is ZTM. Yay :)

Our recent convert John got the priesthood yesterday! Ah best ever. He was so excited. Maybe as excited as me, but you know I just don't know. I was pretty excited :) Our other recent convert, Shelley, said she invited her coworker to come have the missionary discussions in her home and he said yes! I just love these converts, they are such good examples of being disciples of Christ. Hopefully I can be like them when I go home.

Got to go on exchanges with one of the sisters this week and it's just so cool to see how amazing these sisters are. God is really just preparing his servants that come out here. We had some really good talks about our goals for ourselves while on our missions, and you know it's been a lesson that I've had to learn over and over while on my mission. But the hard truth is that I'm not going to be perfect while I'm here and I won't be perfect by the time I go home. I've had this idea in my mind that I have all of these habits and weaknesses that I've wanted to overcome and perfect while I'm out on my mission, and it gets really frustrating when I move farther along in the mission and realize that I haven't made it super far along in my progression. But I've come to terms (mostly) with knowing that my mission really is a preparation period. That Heavenly Father is showing me how to overcome these habits and it's been a time to prepare to overcome those weaknesses throughout the rest of my life. I just have aspiration to be an apostle someday. Apostasy. Haha not actually but, they are living proof that although we won't be perfect while here on earth, we can come pretty darn close. I've also learned just over the past couple days about self honesty, and our standing before God. I've been really trying to understand more deeply the effects of the Fall. Because true repentance is what brings forth the love of God in our life. And for true repentance to occur, we have to truly understand our spiritual peril. So Ive been praying for that.

I hope you guys have a great week! And that you continue to bask in the sunshine and enjoy the summer. Happy Independence Day. Yay for this great country that made it possible for the gospel to be restored to the earth. 3 cheers for the restoration!

Love you guys!! Have a great week :)

Sister Johanson

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