Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Oh come let us adore Him

Ok, well I don't have much to say. This week was so long. But so good! And also boring, it's hard to do missionary work here around the holidays. Isn't that the opposite of what they tell you before you come out? Well yeah, nobody wants to listen to you or let you in their door around the holidays so it's kinda frustrating. The work just slows to a turtle pace. And even tho it's just a week it feels like forever cuz mission weeks are much longer than normal weeks when you're a normal person!

We had dinner at the Robert's house; he is the assistant ward mission leader and his wife is just awesome. It wasn't homemade or anything but it was still very good. We had like 3 other Thanksgiving appts we were gonna go to but somehow we ended up being at the Robert's all day yet, it didn't even feel like it, it was so weird. Also! The one thing that was homemade was the turkey. You know those jokes you make about having fried turkey in the South for Thanksgiving? Well they are not actually jokes. It is real. I got to watch them stick the birds into a giant pot of boiling grease. Man, doesn't taste too much different. Pretty good, but I think I prefer the traditional way. 

We went and sang in a nursing home. Oh my goodness that was so fun. We took the ZL's and the Spanish elders and I played the piano while my comp and the elders sang. Oh goodness, so funny. Sister Withers and I picked the songs and I just wish I coulda gotten on camera the elders singing do as I'm doing. Man, great stuff. 

Lets see..we are working more on faith as a power. If you could specifically pray for our zone to have 14 baptisms by the end of the year, your prayers will make a lot of difference. We are going to see miracles!! It's great!!! 

Um...I think that's all for now. Even if it's not I gotta go. So have a great week! Love yall!!
Sister Johanson JR

So I got your packages this week, Mom! Well at least the ones with my
coat and scarves in it. Thank you sooo much! But one of the scarves
was rather large. But I decided I would send you a picture showing
that I'm putting all my things into good use.

The other pic is of us at the Roberts house. Us and our Spanish
elders. We decorated ornaments :) mine is a snowman and he's so cute.

His name is Oatmeal

Our district had a Mexican Thanksgiving

And then I showed the Roberts how to do this :)

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