Monday, December 14, 2015

A cheerful heart is good medicine

Man I forgot a title again last week. Sheesh.

Well it's another week and things are still crazy! So much happened last week! Transfers are this week and guess who's getting transferred? Ha, not me! Jokes, you thought it was me. No but my companion is, this will make for 5 companions in 5 transfers. And this one will be green in honor of the Christmas season. If you don't know what that means, it means I'm training. Yes siree, fun stuff. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I don't have to go to a transfer meeting.

This last week we had zone conference and that was so great! It was just what I needed, other than the little black box they stuck in my car. Our mission finally got tiwis so we can all drive better. But don't worry cuz Sister Johanson is an awesome driver and her tiwi never talks to her. 

But something really cool I learned at zone conference was president talked about a baptist guy he had been talking to and had described the feeling he felt after helping someone. He described it as feeling Very "up." Then he went on to say, "I bet Christ felt very 'up' after He went through what He did" and we always think about the atonement of His suffering. Which we should. But can you imagine how "up" He must've felt after taking on all the pains of the world? And suffering for all mankind? He helped us all. I love Christmas time on my mission because I don't have all those traditions and activities going on, so all I really have to focus on is what this season is really about. I'm so grateful for my Savior.

I hope you guys remember too and that you all have a very "up" week. I love you all and can't wait to see you!

Have a blessed one,
Sister Johanson Jr

Dad! It's Spanky!!

We helped the Killoughs move in this week and they live in a haunted
house. Someday I coming back and making a horror film in there. There
are mirrors everywhere.

The first family is the Roberts, we had thanksgiving with the,. They
are so good to us and have is over all the time. The other family is

the Turoks. They are so great too!

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