Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The rains came down and the floods came up

This is Sister Ali Johanson, reporting from the confines of her
apartment in Orangeburg where she has been stuck for the past 3.5
days. (Except if this email gets sent it means I've discovered wifi
which is not available in my apartment. So if you get this it means
I've survived the floods) Because of the hurricane all the
missionaries in SC have been on lockdown since Friday night. Luckily
we have the other sister missionaries that live in the same apartment
complex so we have had some social interaction over the weekend. We
hear more everyday of people's houses and missionaries apartments
being flooded. We got to go to a members house for conference on
Saturday but then Sunday the city asked nobody to be on the roads so
our bishop asked us not to ask any of the members to come get us...so
we missed conference on Sunday so that was sad. Good thing for
technology. But we're not sure if anyone is actually alive
anymore...it might just be us 4 left. Just kidding...sorry that was a
cruel joke.

We've made about a million cookies and other things, but we can't wash
our dishes because our water is contaminated. So everything is chaos
here, in a really non chaotic way. We don't feel like anything is going
on cuz we look outside and we only have a few deep puddles surrounding
our apartment. But everybody we call talks about how bad things are.
So really we are just extremely blessed. Our ZL's apartment got flooded
16 inches of water and they lost a lot of their stuff, like their
journals and one elder lost his guitar. We feel a little gypped cuz we
don't get to see any of the exciting stuff but really we are just
super duper blessed. Except we're going insane! Is there still a world
out there? Am I still a missionary?

Hello! This is Sister Johanson a day later. No arks had to be built
and we've made it onto the streets today so I think we're ok. So yes,
it's been quite an uneventful eventful past few days. You can look to
the news for more details, I'm tired of typing about it. Plus my time
is up. But it's been confirmed, I am still a missionary. I checked
this morning. So that's pretty cool, lots of roads are washed out and
homes have been flooded so that's sad. Oh also transfers were last
week. What? Guess you're not gonna hear about that today. I actually
did missionary work last week, and it was super spiritual and my
testimony grew and people were converted and hearts were touched.
Things will be back to normal next week. 

Love ya!

Sister Johanson jr

Really lame hootenannys

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