Monday, August 10, 2015

God answers knee mail

Whoa what a week fans! This has been an interesting one.

One thing I'm grateful for this week is that a week has 7 days in it. Cuz the first half of last week was just..not so much fun. I thought I was gonna have to email you guys a lummy email. But thankfully the Lord allows things to get better and the rest of the week wasn't completely lummy.

We went ridiculous amount of miles this week on our car tho! All of our appointments were falling through and we were just going back and forth everywhere and nothing was working out. (We only have a certain amount of miles we are allowed to go a month.)

We got to go to ZTM this week and it was great! Finally got to meet my zone. Sister Yancey, my MTC comp, is in my zone and I got to see her which was just so great! I love her lots. Also got to meet with president and he helped me a lot with stuff so yay.

One of our appointments this week went really badly hot. The member that we have been bringing to the appointments with her started arguing with her and trying to convince her and stuff and Sister Branson kept trying to bear her testimony but kept getting interrupted by a phone call or the member would interrupt her. It was awful. The spirit wasn't there at all.

But! The days got brighter and we got two more investigators this week. One of them came to church and he is just completely absorbing everything we teach. One of our other investigators came to church as well! Gospel principles was just filled with so many less actives and investigators! Was awesome!

I gave a talk on missionary work, and it was so good! ;) hehe just kidding. I mean it was alright, I like giving talks tho.

We had another storm this week and it cut off our power in the middle of planning. Some did our dishes in the dark and the rest of our planning. Then our fire alarm started going off and wouldn't stop. Some had to yank it out of the ceiling and it still wouldn't stop. So we were trying to turn it off with no lights and man, it was awful.

Also our car broke down, something wrong with the battery. We're getting it fixed today but yesterday was an interesting day without a car. Because our area is like a donut. The elders are on bikes so they have an area in the middle of town and then since we have a car its all the area surrounding it. So we don't even live in our area, we have to drive to get to it. But anyway. All sorts of funny things. This next week is gonna be so busy! Which is great :)

I'm just learning all sorts of things and now that I'm finally learning how to work with my Como He is sending her away. Isn't that how things work?

I love the gospel and I love you guys! Continue being missionaries to people around you! Members are what make all the difference.

Sister johanson

This is us and the Killoughs. Taking pics cuz Sister Branson leaves in
a week! I love them.

This is patty our investigator and the massive tree that fell over in
the storm. The other two are sister Branson and I drawing with glitter
glue. Can you tell which pics are mine? Ha can you spot my gnome?

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