Monday, December 12, 2016


Hello there everybody! Greetings again from the south. 

Holy cow, can you even believe that Christmas is just right around the corner? It's just sneakin up on us isn't it? I LOVE being a missionary around Christmas time. It isn't always how you picture it tho. They tell us all the time that people are much more receptive because it's Christmastime but it seems that lots of people want us to wait till all the holidays are over to come over to their house. But despite the challenges of the season there are definitely so many miracles. There was a quote that I read this week that said that miracles are the natural result of the Messiah's presence. No wonder there are so many miracles around this time of year because presence of Christ if filling the earth. And I love being able to feel like I am on the Lord's errand helping to bring those miracles to pass by testifying of the Savior. 

We had a really good week. We had ZTM on Friday on which I got to give a talk on overcoming trials of faith. Gee wiz Heavenly Father sure likes to give us topics that we need to learn more about. It's been so good learning about faith while on my mission. It is an ongoing battle to understand fully how to use my faith to cause miracles to happen and how to trust God in no matter what circumstances I am in and to have full faith in His plan for me and for His children. But I have definitely learned that our faith, to have a full impact in our life. cannot be centered on any goals or people or situations. But that it is centered in our Savior Jesus Christ, who is perfect and who we can always turn to for more and more and we will never hunger or thirst but receive freely. 

I am grateful for this gospel and for this upcoming week. It should be really good! Yay Christmas and yay the gospel! Hope you all have a good week!!

Sister Johanson

look pictures! 
I found some gnomes..which I love :) 
also some gator places
and Charleston!

and us at the parade last week..yeah they made me wear little dingle hoppers on my head

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