Monday, October 17, 2016

Keep your eyes to the Son, and everything else will fall into the shadows.

Hey there pals! What a week! Are yall tired? I am

It's been a really good week! The week of meetings. But the great thing about this week is that even though we had lots of meetings, we were still able to go out and teach and find a lot. Which is always really good because when I get trapped inside all day I get really mopey. I asked Sister Hill if that would wear off when I go home. Just having to go out and share the gospel otherwise I feel lummy. Hopefully it does somewhat but not to the effect of taking the pressure off to share the gospel. I hope that stays.

We met lots of cool people this week, had some cool experiences. But it was all trumped when President called and told me I was getting transferred. You would think that since I have been here forever it wouldn't have been a surprise but yet it was. I am leaving Spartanburg to go whitewash train somewhere in a distant land. I don't know where yet, I find out tomorrow so I'll let yall know next week :) but I am excited! As well as sad, I was convinced I was going to die here. All of my Hmongs will just get baptized without me here. Allen didn't even show me his headspin :/ although, we went to have a lesson with Bao and Seng on Friday and they showed us a video of all 3 of the Lor brothers doing breakdancing. While we were watching it a giant black cockroach crawled next to me on the couch. I tried to shove it off but it crawled behind sister Hill. So all of us besides Sister Hill ran into the kitchen. She stood up and it just is crawling down her back. Man oh man, I think we all had a heart attack. She just swatted her body til it flew into the kitchen and Seng kicked into the other room. Fun fun times. It's bug country over here. Hate that. We also found a bunch of baby cockroaches crawling all over our bedroom floor. Bleh. Luckily leaving that apartment before I have to find the momma.
So that's my fun story of the week.

The work is so good in South Carolina. Who would've thought that it would just be the best place on earth? I'm excited for all the things in store the next several weeks. I hope you all are doing well and continue seeing miracles in your own lives. God is just such a good Father who wants to give good gifts. I'm glad I'm able to see them in my life and lives of those around me. Being a missionary is just the greatest! Hope you all have a good week!
Love ya!

Sister Johanson

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