Wednesday, May 11, 2016

iPod, iPad, try iPray, God is listening.

Hello all. Happy (late) Mothers Day.

I hope everyone had a fantastic week. Our week was kinda slow and a little frustrating but I guess the only thing we can really be frustrated about it is ourselves. We have some resolves for things we have committed to the Lord we will do so we can baptize this transfer and we kinda slacked off on some of them this week. But man, God is just so loving that He still helped us see some miracles this week. But we repented and we are going to do better this week and get back on track. Back to seeing lots of miracles.

Nevertheless, Spartanburg is still doing awesome. We had some families at church that haven't been there before so that was really cool. I'm just pretty excited about this area because we are working with so many awesome people who are progressing and are going to be baptized. And it's just pretty exciting.

I'm not super sure what else to say about this past week, but stay tuned for more miracle moments from...Sister Johanson. Until next week ;)
Love yall!!!

Sister Johanson

This is my favorite little girl. Her name is Ellie and she has no boundaries or bubble. She loves to let heads and get in your face. She's so funny.

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