Monday, July 27, 2015

Faith is an investment that never loses interest

Well hello again friends! It's nice to be talking to you and telling you about my week.

This week I gotta go on exchanges!! It was awesome!! I went to Seneca which is just about 40 minutes more upstate from Anderson. It was really awesome, cuz I got to be with Sister Call and she is just the bestest thing on this planet. She is actually going home in 3 weeks as well. But she and I were very similar in our teaching methods but I still learned so much from her. 

Haha! So this week, this lady we ran into while contacting, she goes to a nondenominational church and she is awesome. We talked about family's so we gave her a Family: Proclamation to the World. She read it last week and texted us saying, "That is the best thing I've ever read! I agree with everything on it. I'm going to see if I can put it up on my church bulletin and then ask the pastor to read it to the saints during church!" isn't that awesome? Man, it was great. 

I must say, besides teaching lessons, visiting members, and converting people to the gospel; knocking is my most favorite part of missionary work. I love knocking! I'm not very good at it but I'm getting better and it's just awesome :) When I was door contacting with Sister Call we talked to this one lady and her daughter showed up while we were talking to her. We asked them if they had ever heard of the LDS church and her daughter laughed and said, "Are you kidding? I grew up in Utah, all my friends were LDS." Turns out she's from St. George and graduated from Dixie! Crazy right?
Everyone is going to St. George, all the people in my ward. Just makes me remember how much I love Utah. 

Oh yes! So when we were door contacting this one neighborhood this week it was so weird. Cuz, it was a circle. So we started out at the beginning and everyone was normal and nice but the further along we got the people got a little weirder. And then we realized that it was a bunch of Special needs people living in the houses. And we weren't sure what to do so we offered some service. Well we start sweeping this lady's floor and we can't really understand what she is saying to us. And then her neighbor comes and tells her that she is in trouble for letting us in and that someone was telling on her. So we go outside and there's a bunch of special needs people wandering the streets going crazy cuz there are two girls knocking on everybody's doors. So, the office lady came and talked to us to find out what we were doing. Turns out it was kind of like a care facility and most of the houses were occupied by special needs people or the employees that work there. Everything ended up alright, but it was definitely interesting. 

I'm trying to think of other things that happened this week. We definitely saw a lot of miracles happen. Got to teach more lessons and, it was interesting week lesson wise. But I'm excited for the weeks to come. Finally got to meet the bishop yesterday. Man I just love this ward. I think I'll say that in every single email because they are just miraculous! Well I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!! 

-Sister Ali Johanson

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